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Best Flexible Cutting Boards – Non-Toxic Reviewed 2021

best flexible cutting board

Having the best flexible cutting board in the kitchen is an essential item for preparing food. That is why; you are always requested to keep the cutting boards clean and in good & healthy condition. Usually, the dirty or worn-out boards increase the risk of bacteria that may further contaminate your food.

Those who prepare food or simply food handlers need to be quite careful in this regard. This is how both food contamination and food poisoning are avoided. In this article here, you would see this basic guide to keep your cutting boards clean and healthy:

  • Always try to use separate cutting boards for raw and cooked foods. This is how you avoid cross-contamination and the chances of food poisoning also lessen.
  • Clean and wash your cutting boards on a regular basis. Try to sanitize the cutting boards as well. Dry them later and store them in a clean place.
  • For wooden cutting boards, you need to scrape the top surface of the cutting board with a clean knife and then dry the board.

In this article, you will get to know about some of the best flexible cutting boards. They are able to perform all sorts of kitchen tasks. Preparing food has become much easier with flexible cutting boards. One can easily slice, chop, and pour food straight into the bowl.

The flexible cutting boards are not heavy and bulky. This is why making food has become much enjoyable with these cutting boards. They are better replacement of some other hard to handle cutting boards.

Colors of Cutting Boards and Their Coding System:

Here comes this really interesting feature with the flexible cutting boarded. They mostly come in various colors and each color serves a different purpose and has its own meaning. The color-coding system thus helps in preventing cross-contamination.

When we talk about the hygiene standards and diminishing the cross-infection, the color-coding system makes the biggest contribution in this regard. Let’s have a look at some of the main colors used and their intended meaning; well based on color, you can use each cutting mat for separate food items. For example;

  • BLUE – Raw Fish
  • GREEN – Salad and fruit
  • RED – Raw Meat
  • YELLOW – Cooked meat
  • WHITE – Bakery & dairy

These colors not only make the cutting boards colorful and lively but serve its main purpose of keeping the food hygienic as well. I personally love these cutting boards and the color-coding system.

Why Use Separate Cutting Boards?

Are you aware of the fact that even you wash the cutting boards thoroughly? You still are prone to the risk of spreading bacteria. It is because of the fact that the raw meat, seafood, and other poultry items may spread bacteria even after you wash them.

Cutting boards are porous and they always are prone to bacteria and they may retain bacteria in their small pores. So, in case you are chopping things like cheese and fruits, etc. make sure not to use the same board on which you have already chopped meat, etc.

If you do so, there is always a risk of cross-contamination and bacterial infections. Thus, everyone suggests keeping separate cutting boards for different foods.

After thorough research we have come to the conclusion with some of the best flexible cutting boards available on the market today;

Best Flexible Cutting Boards 2020

1. Dexas Flexible Cutting Board

Dexas Flexible Cutting Board

Do you want to remain fully hygienic and avoid cross-contamination of foods? Then these colorful cutting boards are specifically for you. It contains a total of four different but beautiful colors. The included colors are red, yellow, green, and blue. You can use each for different purposes.

Secondly, you would find them lightweight and flexible. Moreover, they are nonporous and non-absorbent that makes them perfectly hygienic.

These cutting boards also feature non-slip backing grips that make them safe on the counter. Just because they are flexible, one can easily fold and roll these cutting boards to easily funnel prepared foods into pans and bowls.

Overall, the body of the board measures 11.5 by 14 inches. They are dishwasher safe and BPF free. Thus, these boards are durable and long-lasting. You would love them to be part of your kitchen.

  • Comes in four different colors
  • Flexible and durable
  • Non-slip backing grips
  • Relatively smaller in size

2. IMEKO TPU Flexible Cutting Board

IMEKO TPU Flexible Cutting Board

Here comes this extremely enchanting cutting board that would replace all other cutting boards. The environmental-friendly material has been used in its construction. Being made of green material (i.e. environmentally safe material), it is biodegradable, recyclable, and completely superb.

As it is made of TPU, the cutting board is really flexible and elastic. With its high-abrasion and shear resistance traits, this is indeed the ideal cutting board so far. Moreover, it is heat resistant and can stand heat up to 194 degrees. Likewise, the IMEKO is resistant to oils and greases as well.

The surface of the board has been designed in a way not to harm your knife blades. Thus, the soft and smooth surface benefits the user this way. It also features a perimeter juice grove that prevents the overflow of liquid and juices etc.

IMEKO thus provides you sturdy, flexible, and perfect cutting board. The overall design is ergonomic and ravishing. Besides, the cutting board is lightweight, easy to carry, and is the perfect thing for your kitchen. They don’t carry much space as well. The board is thin and one can easily slide them in the drawers or under the microwave.

  • Easy to use and clean
  • Easy to store
  • Provides the best cutting
  • Made of the highest quality material
  • IMEKO cutting boards are not suitable for microwave use.

3. Jumbo Flexible Cutting Mat

Jumbo Flexible Cutting Mat

The jumbo flexible cutting mat measuring 24×18 inches is the perfect choice for your kitchen. You can bend, flex, and funnel them for chopping and pouring. Thus, this flexible cutting mat is ideal for transferring chopped up ingredients into waiting pots and pans.

they don’t retain any odor and your knives are safe. They don’t dull your knives and similarly protects your countertops.

Moreover, the cutting mat doesn’t get knife marks on it and is easy to clean also. The cutting board is perfect for everyday use and would be a great addition to your kitchen. The material is relatively sturdy and durable. You can use it for several years.

It is made of high-density polyethylene that makes it long-lasting and very useful. I would definitely suggest you get this mat to avoid extra transferring efforts. This is not only high-quality but is also dishwasher safe.

  • Easy to clean, foldable, and nice
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Perfect for kitchen
  • None as such

4. WoodNflex flexible Wood & Silicone Cutting Board

WoodNflex flexible boad

This cutting board comes with nice features. They are not only flexible but have silicon backing that made it stable and nice on the counter surface. This quality also gives it enough grips on the counter. The cutting board won’t slip around the counter while cutting.

Moreover, the cutting board is easy to use and looks quite great. This cutting board comes with a great wood top that provides a healthier natural cutting surface. If you take care of it properly, it would last a long time.

As far as the design is concerned, it is sleek, modern, and is of high-quality. The cutting board comes in a reasonable size so you can call it a space saver. Shortly, it is cleanable and maintenance-free. Just a little oiling on a regular basis would do the job.

This is thus actually worth the money. It is both beneficial and highly recommended to the users. You can enjoy its services throughout.

  • Durable and flexible
  • Easy to clean and wash
  • Highly space saver
  • Silicon backing
  • None as such

5. Norpro Cut N’ Slice Flexible Cutting Boards

nor pro cutting board

Norpro Cut N’ slice flexible cutting boards contain three handy colorful cutting boards that are ideal for your usage. There are different food icons on each to help protect against cross-contamination.

The cutting boards measure 14″ x 9.5″ / 35.5cm x 24cm that is ideal for your kitchen. The different colors in the set are green, yellow, and pink. The green is intended to be used for fruits and vegetables. Moreover, the yellow color is ideal for seafood and poultry. Finally, the pink color can be used for red meat.

Furthermore, the cutting boards won’t retain any odors and don’t dull your knives as well. You can safely use them and place them on your countertops. Just use them, bend, flex, and funnel them for chopping and pouring.

Somehow, the cutting boards are ideal for transferring chopped up ingredients into waiting pots and pans. The cutting boards are FDA approved and dishwasher safe. Finally, they are easier to clean and wash. They don’t demand really high maintenance. These cutting boards are worth the money.

  • Set of three flexible cutting boards
  • Easy to wash and clean
  • Odor resistant
  • Handy and durable
  • Some belief the cutting boards to be very thin

Best Flexible Cutting boards FAQS:

Which type of cutting board is the best?

Any cutting board that doesn’t dull your cutting boards and is easy to clean is the best cutting board. There are various options like plastic, rubber, bamboo, wood, and polyethylene cutting boards. The plastic cutting boards are easier to wash, the bamboo cutting boards have a smooth surface. The polyethylene boards are basically flexible and foldable.

What are flexible cutting boards made of?

The flexible cutting boards are made of high-density polyethylene. The polyethylene allows the board to bend, flex, and funnel the chopping and pouring into the bowl or pan. Moreover, they are ideally known for saving the countertops and not retaining any odor.

How do you sanitize a cutting board?

You can sanitize them using diluted chlorine bleach solution with q tbsp. per gallon of cool water.

How often should you replace cutting boards?

Generally, it is recommended to replace the cutting boards yearly. They are more prone to infections and mostly harbor a high number of disgusting germs.

How long should a cutting board last?

The cutting boards should often last some five to ten years. You need to take care of them properly and thoroughly. This is how the cutting boards would last longer. As soon as they wear out, replace them with new cutting boards.


Well, when it comes to the kitchen utensils, the cutting boards are very important in the kitchen. The cutting boards especially come in direct contact with food. Using the same cutting board for various foods often increases the potential risk of contaminating foods. That is why; the above mentioned flexible cutting boards all follow the color-coding system.

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