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Best Wood Lathe Machines Reviewed 2021 – Woodturning

best woodturning lathe

The best wood lathe is all you need to make your job easier. Woodturning is a creative job and the Woodturning lathe-like all other turning tools is an important part of the process. It helps in turning wood perfectly well and get the desired outcome.

Thus, selecting the best wood lathe help in making beautiful wood arts and other tools. Buying a wood lathe is an easy task after knowing the details about each product. That is why this article will help you get the best woodturning lathe on the market:

Best Wood Lathes For The Money

1. Delta Midi Lathe

Delta Industrial wood lathe review

The Delta industrial 46-460 woodturning lathe comes with tons of features to make your woodturning job perfect. Offering various speeds for control, the unit handles well heavy-duty jobs. With 1 horsepower max and a 1,725 rpm motor, this unit comes with 12 ½ inches swing capacity.

It is surprising how the 3 pulley-speed ranges allow to select the desired speed even without changing the belt position. This machine is thus suitable for professional woodturners. The lathe provides full accuracy with its forward and reverse functions. Additionally, selecting the needed range is quick due to the patent belt-tension system.

Thus, the machine is great in providing effortless and smooth turning. The overall construction of this machine is amazing. It is both stable and durable. Further, it includes a three-inch face plate, a 6-inch and 10-inch tool rests for flexible tool support in many turning applications. It weighs only 97 pounds ideal for mini-projects.

  • Durable and well-built
  • Patented belt tensioning
  • Three pulley-speed ranges
  • 1 horsepower motor
  • No digital readout
  • Extension required due to the short distance between centers

2. Grizzly Wood Lathe

Grizzly Industrial wood lathe review

The Grizzly industrial G0462 is an ideal wood lather for beginners. It is preferably good for small projects. With a ½ hp motor, this unit is great for handling smaller projects. Similarly, it features ten-speed settings providing maximum flexibility. The lowest speed is 600 rpm and the highest goes to 2400 RPM.

It is a heavy-duty lathe with a precision ground cast iron bed and legs. This is how it supports full stability and ensures minimum vibration. This is a wood lathe with a digital readout and is the perfect option for starters. The overall machine weighs about 354 pounds which is quite a good thing in terms of resisting vibrations.

You would surely love this wood lathe to make your woodturning easier and perfect. This allows variable speed settings and comes with the perfect length of turning the bed. In short, this is the perfect thing for the price.

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • 10 Variable speed settings
  • ½ hp motor and cast iron base & legs
  • Full stability
  • Motor gets hot after continues use for hours

3. PSI Variable Speed Midi Lathe

PSI Woodworking lathe

With a 1 hp motor and an SBC microprocessor, this wood lathe is ideal for intermediate & home workshop. This unit provides maximum precision controls and is great for automotive applications. The unit incredibly features two belt positions with 500-1800 RPM &1950-3800 RPM. Moreover, it features a digital readout that allows us to work with great speeds.

It provides maximum functionality and powerful performance. Moreover, it features built-in handles that allow the turners to work with full convenience. Likewise, it supports 12 inches swing capacity and hence you can easily use it for various projects.

Shortly, the lathe runs pretty smooth. It is well-made for the price range with quality details and excellent finish. it runs very quietly almost creating no noise. It comes with tons of positive things such as two tool rests, a tool holder, live tailstock, spur center, and a chrome steel faceplate.

  • Cast iron base
  • 18 inches distance between centers
  • Works great and durable
  • 12 inches swing capacity
  • Digital readout
  • Instructions just not included
  • Lack of reversing switch

4. NOVA Comet II Mini Lathe

NOVA Comet II Mini Lathe

Featuring a powerful ¾ HP motor with various speed ranges from 25o to 4000 rpm, this inexpensive wood lathe is the best in the market. The unit allows both forward and reversing switching, this is how the turning becomes more flexible.

Furthermore, with its 12 inches swing capacity and with 16.5 inches between center distances, this is the best lathe for you. However, it contains 2 step pulley system that makes it possible to choose from various speed ranges. With sturdy cast iron construction, the unit has maximum strength and can easily handle vibrations.

Moreover, it also features quick action cam controls. However, it is interesting that the lathe is not too big but heavy 80 pounds. You would see that the motor runs quiet. Similarly, it has tons of accessories that you can put on it. It weighs 82.5 pounds and is ideal for small projects.

  • ¾ HP motor
  • Reverse and forward turning actions
  • Creative three-step pulley system
  • Runs quiet and is durable
  • Narrow Footprint

5. RIKON Mini Lathe

RIKON mini lathe review

The RIKON 70-100 mini lathe is a mini lathe that handles smaller projects and is ideal for creating bowls. The highest speed attainable is 3900 rpm. This unit provides a nice speed profile for greater flexibility. The unit has a 16 inches distance between the centers.

Speaking of its performance, the lathe operates quietly and smoothly. The wood lathe comes with easy setup. Moreover, there is no vibration, so the unit provides maximum stability. Similarly, the changing speeds by adjusting the belt is another plus point.

Shortly, this is the best wood lather one can own. It comes with solid construction and is very durable. Moreover, it’s the best lather that comes at an affordable price.

  • Solid and durable
  • Various speed levels
  • The motor doesn’t produce any noise
  • The center to center distance is not long enough
  • No digital readout

6. Powermatic Wood Lathe

Powermatic Wood Lathe review

The Powermatic 1352001 is a great lathe with a digital RPM readout, 20 inches swing capacity, and 34 ½ inches between centers. Powered by a 2 horsepower motor, this lathe turns your wood within various ranges such as 125 to 3500 RPM and 50 to 1500 RPM.

Made of heavy-duty iron cast iron, this unit works well with a variable-speed motor. The center-to-center distance for this unit is 31/2 inches making it quite ideal for large projects. The rest of the accessories with this unit are guard, tool rest, faceplate, wrench, knockout rod, and spindle lock.

Thus, this is a great unit for professionals to make their woodturning job easier and perfect. The setup and assembly are quite easy but the unit itself is a bit heavy. In terms of features and functionality, this wood lathe is all you need.

  • Digital readout
  • Variable speed control
  • Heavy-duty cast iron
  • Durable and well-built
  • The color is not liked by all
  • A bit on the expensive side

What To Look For in the Best Woodturning Lathe

You need a perfect wood lathe to turn wood into perfect and required shapes. However, it is quite essential to look for the required features too before making a purchase. Therefore, we listed all the wood lathes that have unique specifications and amazing qualities. Let’s have a look at what are the essential features of a wood lathe you need to know while making a purchase;

1. Power

The power of a wood lathe is mostly defined in terms of horsepower. This horsepower would tell you about how powerful is the machine in dealing with heavy-duty projects. So, if you want the lathe for turning heavy projects, ideally a wood lathe with ¾ horsepower is recommended. On the other hand, for smaller projects, a wood lathe with ½ horsepower would be sufficient.

2. Speed

There are quality lathes that feature variable speed and you can adjust to any speed setting. Such lathes provide greater flexibility while working with the wood. It allows you to adjust the speed for various types of projects. A wood lathe with five or even more speed ranges is ideally known as a good one. That is why you need to consider this basic quality while making a purchase.

3. Capacity

Well, it again depends on the type of project you are working with if you are doing larger projects, a full-sized wood lathe is ideal to buy. On the contrary, mini-lathes are just fine if you are working with different sizes. That is why it is upon you to decide based on the nature of your work.

5. Material

The majority of the well-known wood lathes are sturdy and durable. The material used in the machine decides its quality and longevity. The lathes made of cast iron are strong and handle well the woodturning. However, some inferior ones are made of aluminum which doesn’t provide more durability. The cast iron is strong, doesn’t cause vibration, and performs well. So, make sure to always opt for the stronger one.

5. Weight

The weight of the machine is important to consider because heavy-weighted machines mostly are stable and don’t vibrate while working. That is why it is suggested to opt for the heavy ones and the ones with rubber feet. This is how you get greater stability and resistance to vibrations.


So all of the above-mentioned wood lathes do a fantastic job. There would be no ambiguity in terms of knowing the best low-cost wood lathe on a budget to buy. You don’t have to ask anymore as to what the best wood lathe is. With tons of quality features, a reasonable horsepower engine, greater stability, tool rest base, and professional results, these above tools are highly recommended.

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