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Best Chisel Sharpening Machines For Woodworking in 2022

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An Electric chisel sharpening Machine is an important thing to have. However, when you purchase one, it should simply make the task easier and fast. No one wants to invest in things that make the process tougher. So, giving an edge to your tools should be an easy and quick task. Nothing makes the woodturning more enjoyable than having tools with sharp edges.

Though woodturning can be tiring at times a proper sharpening system may help you out. This is how you would be able to give a proper edge to your tools and enjoy your job. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of such systems that are ideal for sharpening any tool. We have also mentioned some of the best woodturning sharpening systems available on the market.

Best Chisel Sharpener System

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1. Work Sharp Chisel sharpening Machine

Work Sharp Wood Sharpener reviews

This is an efficient air-cooled dry sharpening system. You can use this to sharpen chisels, plane irons, spoke shakes, carving tools, lathe tools, etc. The system features a routed airflow from the motor and a special heat-sink design that prevents overheating.

Moreover, it features a powerful 1/5 HP motor with a 580 rpm speed. The heating-cooling system sharpens the blades fast without any struggle. Likewise, the low rpm wheel maintains speed no matter what the workload is.

The overall system is quite user-friendly with an easy setup. Moreover, you can attach a wide variety of standard six-inch, adhesive-backed abrasive disks to these wheels, which makes it easy to select the grit. The blades are so sharp and are suitable for any sort of wooden project.

  • Comes with easy setup
  • User-friendly and durable system
  • Suitable for all sorts of wooden projects
  • None as such

2. PSI Precision Chisel Sharpening System

PSI Lathe Chisel Sharpening System

Here comes another sharpening system that is ideal for all sorts of woodwork. The sharpening system includes everything you need to grind perfect edges. Your honing could not be any easier than this. It simplifies the sharpening of complicated and complex tools as well. Thus, this system is for all tool projects; duplicates angles, sharp edges, and smooth bevels.

Additionally, the system includes a skew grinding attachment to help you in grinding precision bevels on any skew chisel. Other than that, it includes an adjustable V pocket jig to hold chisels up to 22 inches in overall length.

Moreover, the grinding platform is there for simple grinding purposes. Likewise, it contains a fingernail jig for fingernail profiles on shallow gouges or deep fluted bowl gouges. Shortly, it is a great system with good quality and durability.

  • Great sharpening system
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easy setup and installation
  • Comes with easy to follow instructions
  • None as such

3. PSI Chisel Sharpening System

PSI Sharpening System review

The PSI woodworking LCM PLUS chisel sharpening system is ideal for all types of woodturning. You can always use this system to sharpen any of your chisels. The whole system resides on your lathe. You can easily go from turning to sharpening within no time. It provides you with optimum control and visibility of your chisel’s bevel.

Additionally, the whole system includes an 8″ Aluminum Backing Disc with a 1″ hole, 8″ Self-adhesive Hook & Loop Mounting Pad, (5) 80 grit 8″ Hook & Loop Sanding Discs with a 2″ hole, Adjustable Chisel “V” Guide Tool rest, 1″ x 8tpi Spindle Nut, (3) 1-3/4″ Washers, and Instructions. Shortly, it works well for sharpening tools and is an amazing system. The assembly is quick and easy. It gives a pretty good edge when used occasionally.

  • Easy installation and quick assembly
  • Durable and fast
  • Best system for sharpening tools
  • Optimum control
  • Uses up a lot of material and is only ideal for occasional use

4. BUCKTOOL Sharpening Bench Grinder

Sharpening Bench Grinder review

Here comes an amazing sharpening system that comes with a powerful 1750RPM low-speed induction motor, Rating power 3/4Hp, Peak power 1-1/4Hp, and an easy-to-drive CBN wheel. The motor is powerful enough to spin up the heavier CBN wheel without any difficulty. Moreover, there are two speed options i.e. low and regular that provide a flexible grinding option for non-lathe tool grinding.

Moreover, it features a cast iron base with rubber feet that makes it solid and vibration-free. Likewise, you can safely switch with a key. Other than that, the system features a Unique 1-1/2 Inch wide first-class WA grinding wheel. This is thus best for carpenters and turners.

The super 2watts LED with the individual switch is great for detailed sharpening. Likewise, there is an angle adjustable eyeshield that includes one 3 times magnifying, and the Luxury cast aluminum tool rest can adjust from 0-45 degrees. Moreover, the height of the base perfectly allows for mounting the one-way sharpening jig without adding any riser. It comes with easy instructions. In short, it is easy to use and assemble.

  • Heavy tool, good for grinder
  • Vibrations free
  • Powerful motor
  • None as such


Don’t let the woodturning task turn into something exhausting and tiring. Get your proper tools and the best sharpening system. Since you need to do the job with perfection and satisfactorily. That is why; the above-mentioned systems are all user-friendly, and adaptable. The entire chisel sharpening system is ideal for sharpening any chisel or plane blade to provide you with much satisfaction and ease.

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