Best Router Tables For Dewalt Router

best router table for dewalt

A basic router table is a piece of equipment that everyone – apprentice or enthusiast – should have. There will be different projects that you will be doing. Therefore, you need to consider your budget and the space in your workshop. Then, you can have your best router table accordingly.

Professional Router Table For Dewalt

1. Bosch Benchtop Router Table

Bosch Benchtop Router Table review

This router table has a large aluminum top for the work area and is highly durable with superior precision. A top exhaust raises the height of this table for easier routing jobs. Similarly, it has an ergonomic design with optimized weight and balance.

It has a steel, aluminum, and hybrid mounting surface. It has a pre-drilled aluminum mounting surface, with four holes to pre-drill with most routers. In addition, the table is adjustable to accommodate most table height adjustments.

This Bosch table is an excellent addition to any home or location where dusting is required. It is easy to use, offering a standard dust-collection port that fits standard 2-1/2 inch vacuum hoses for debris-free operation.

Bosch has added new features to their table saws, including a ¾-inch accessory slot for other items. It also features a 6-foot power cord. Likewise, there is a storage compartment also. All in all, it is well worth the price.

  • Durable, well-constructed, and reliable
  • Large aluminum top
  • Pre-drilled aluminum mounting surface
  • A 6-foot power cord
  • None as such

2. SKIL Router Table

SKIL Router Table review

RAS900 is a multi-purpose rotary attachment designed with a quick clamp system, a ruler function, and a feather-board for those who want more accurate routing with their tool. The RAS900 is perfect for routing applications in various materials like aluminum, plastic, brass, copper, etc.

The RAS900 instantaneously sets up to nearly any angle. It aims to improve accuracy so you can spend less time cutting yourself. Precision is the key when cutting up to 500 hours off the production process.

The RAS900 starter kit comes with the necessary accessories for a perfect start. The table now offers three feather boards, three miter- gauges, five dividers, and five-bit inserts. Thanks to its expanded size, it gives you additional options for changing hurdles.

  • Easy to setup
  • Versatile and durable
  • Quick clamp function
  • Storage compartments
  • Lack of dust ports

3. Kreg Bench Top Router Table

Kreg Router Table review

The extra-large 16 x 24 MDF tabletop with an Easy-Slide surface features a wide, heavy-duty steel stand for increased stability and safety. The top is strong and has a durable rubber foot to ensure stability.

It lets you keep your projects professional with the KREG PRS 200 insert table. The double-sided insert table with inserts, extruded aluminum fence, and heavy-duty steel stand is perfect for milling, drilling, or routing operations.

KREG PRS is a versatile fence system that works with any routing table – even those without a built-in fence – and allows the simultaneous use of multiple jigs and fences. KREG PRS, a new Kreg tool, gives full-size users a precision router insert plate that offers a fast, accurate, and repeatable join every time.

  • MDF tabletop
  • Dust collection
  • Heavy-duty steel
  • Increased stability
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Expensive

4. LEEGOL Electric Benchtop Router Table

Benchtop Router Table reviews

LEEGOL electric benchtop consists of aluminum alloy that is robust and durable. The aluminum table is rustproof and lightweight. The extra tabletop has unique designs that expand the router table’s reach, making it more convenient.

Ultimately, these extension tables allow for greater convenience while working.

The LEEGOL Electric Benchtop Router Table is the perfect solution for the woodworker to make quick and easy cuts. The ventilation and safety features make this a good choice for those who work in a shop or garage with only one 220v socket. Likewise, it is easy to assemble and use.

Additionally, it features a multi-functional fence that provides workpiece support around the bit. That is how; you would be able to work more comfortably. Plus, it comes with an exact miter gauge. Using the miter gauge, it seems like there is no limit to what you can accomplish.

  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Multi-functional fence
  • Sturdy, durable, and long-lasting
  • Lightweight and rustproof
  • None as such

Best Router Tables For Woodworking | Guide

A router table allows woodworkers to create precision joints and trim pieces easily. There are several options for a router table, and a woodworker needs to determine which one best suit their needs. In general, there are considerations that you must keep in mind before buying your best router table.

1. Portability

The humble table saw can seem like an unassuming piece of equipment. Its seemingly straightforward design allows for precise cutting and shaping. Therefore, look for a portable router table.

A portable router table is a perfect addition to any woodworker’s workspace. They can range from full-size folding tables to tabletop or extension options to complement your woodworking.

Many models are easy to store or stack up while providing a comfortable, long-lasting workstation. They are essential for any woodworking shop space, especially for smaller areas with limited space.

2. Material

Either steel or wood can construct a router table. The type of material of the table significantly impacts how long it will last. Steel tables tend to be sturdier and less likely to be damaged than their wooden counterparts, but they’re also much shallower and cannot handle just about as many different types of materials.

3. Design

There’s no denying that woodworking table design is essential for optimizing the overall performance of the table. That includes the tabletop material, its size, and the number of workpieces it can handle. Therefore, you need to keep this in consideration.

4. The Fence

A fence or a router table can come in handy for providing a cleaner appearance and clear work area visibility. So this tidy appearance and easy-use capability can improve operation and better safety. A fence or a router table can come in handy for providing a cleaner appearance and clear work area visibility. This tidy appearance and easy-use capability can improve operation and better safety.

If you’re already familiar with fencing, the split fence is the most common design and is better suited for medium and large projects. You are new to DIY projects and like to take things slowly. If you want the flexibility of more pieces, go with the single-piece option.

5. Router Lifts

Router Lifts will make all home routers easy and more efficient to work. It will change router bits and adjust the height of your router table in a simple, effortless, cheaper, and more convenient way. If you own a router table, you’ll know the frustration of changing the router-bit height with all the cutting, fitting, re-taping, and more transferring.

6. The Size

Similarly, if you’re looking to build a router table with enough room for your router but not so much room that it takes up your whole shop, you might consider a smaller size. Similarly, you would need to go for a lightweight and portable table. You may go for the larger tables if you need one for large projects.


More and more users are using their routers for woodworking and fine woodworking tools. These users need a router that is easy to control and allows them to create precise cuts. Therefore, we listed the best router tables for Dewalt.

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