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5 Best Cheap Carbide Woodturning Tools / Chisels 2021

cheap carbide woodturning tools

As a beginner woodworker, you might be in search of some cheap carbide turning tools? If yes, then you can have a detailed review of such a tool here. There is a lot of quality and cheap turning tools available on the market today.

I believe, it is always wise to keep costs low if you are a beginner in the field of woodworking. You always need the right set of tools to get started with the projects. The below-mentioned woodworking tools are ideal for all skill levels. There are various shapes of such tools. They allow you to create various shapes.

All in all, these carbide turning tips are durable and have a unique design. They all are outstanding and excellent turning tools. Thus, it is easy now to get a sharp cut while still maintaining the sharpness. All in all, you can totally rely on these tools for turning projects. They all are great and are also ideal for rapid stock removal.

Top Rated Carbide Woodworking Tools

1. Savannah 3 Piece Carbide Mini Turning Tool Set

Savannah Turning Tool review

To get perfect and unique details, you always need the perfect set of turning tools. Therefore, we present you here this set from Savannah. The savannah turning tool is a three-piece mini carbide turning set. They are pretty well starter tools with real grip. With the flat bottom bars on each tool, it is much easier to turn most of the projects.

Secondly, each tool has a flush-fit comfort grip handle. The handle is approx. 9-1/8 inches long. Similarly, a heavy-duty steel ferrule has been added to increase support and strength. Each turning tool steel bar is approx. 3-3/4 long.

Overall, the set includes 1 ea. round tool, 1 ea. square tool, 1 ea. diamond-shaped tool, 2 ea. round carbide cutters, 2 ea. square carbide cutters, 2 ea. diamond-shaped carbide cutters, 5 ea. screws (for securing cutters) and 2 ea. hex key wrenches.

Included in the set, there is a thick and heavy-duty carrying case. The case comes with a removable foam tray around. Being pre-cut the turning tools neatly fit into the tray. In the set, there also are basic carbide turning tool instructions.

Luckily, you can always secure a fresh and clean cutting edge by simply rotating the tip. So whenever your carbide cutter on the tools gets dull, you can do this. In the first place, the carbide cutters stay sharp for a longer period of time compared to any standard turning tool. The cutters are always replaceable.

Additionally, the set includes 2 of each cutter style and extra screws. Shortly, they are very easy to use and capable. There could not be anything better than this set of carbide-turning tools.

  • Easy to use and handle
  • Comfortable grip
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Replaceable cutters
  • Heavy-duty carrying case
  • Economical

2. Simple Start Carbide Lathe Tool Set

Carbide Lathe Tool reviews

Do you want to turn tools ideal for all skill levels? If yes, then this set is for you. It is simple to use making the turning most enjoyable. On the top, you would be able to focus on the project instead of techniques or sharpening. The tools feature a very sharp and rotatable carbide cutter. When the tips begin to wear, just rotate the cutter head ¼ turn for a clean, sharp edge and you are back to turning wood.

Coming towards the handles, the handles are the most beautiful ones. Made by Craftsman, the handle is machined from solid aircraft aluminum for balance, durability, and increased longevity.

The overall length of the handle is 8″; the outside diameter is 1 3/16″; and the tool opening is 1/2″ in diameter. If needed, tools can be easily changed by loosening the two stainless steel set screws.

With an overall length of 6.5 inches, these professional tools are CNC machined from 3/8’’ square stainless steel. Therefore, the tools are much stronger, stiffer, and are very less likely to roll than round shaft tools.

Hence, you can use this simple turner and hollower for turning small pens, tops, and bottles, etc. The Simple Start Rougher carbide tool makes roughing much simpler & less physical as most of the shock created by interrupted cuts is absorbed in the tool rest instead of your hands & arms. The Simple Start 55 Detailer carbide tool is perfect for cutting small details. It can also be used as a parting tool. On a final note, these are really compact and perfect turners.

  • Rotatable carbide cutters
  • Durable and sharp
  • Ideal for small cuttings and detailing
  • Comfortable handle and grip
  • Lack of storage box

3. Simple Carbide Wood Lathe Tool

Simple Carbide tools reviews

The simple woodturning tools are the simplest to use carbide tools on the market. As a result, one can focus on the project better. The tools come with absolute simplicity with which you can turn your projects into the desired shape.

However, with the simple rougher the roughing has got much easier and less physical. Moreover, most of the shocks are absorbed in the tool rest. This is how; your hands and arms don’t get disturbed. You can work smoothly and with full efficiency. The Simple 55 Detailer carbide tool provides a much higher level of woodturning creativity.

Coming towards the handles, they are made of premium quality solid aluminum. The handles are CNC machined for durability and balance. Plus, it is covered with a soft, comfortable foam rubber grip. The rubber grip reduces hand cramping while providing complete control over the tool.

Overall length is 17″; outside diameter is 1 3/8″; tool opening is ½” diameter. Tools can be easily changed by loosening the two stainless steel set screws. All in all, people with any skill level can rely on this set. In short, they are sharp and sturdy.

  • Simple to use
  • No need to ever sharpen them
  • Amazing carbides
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Comfortable handles
  • Complete grip due to soft foam on the handle
  • None as such

4. Carbide Tipped Working Lathe Tool

Carbide Tipped tool reviews

The users believe this set to be one of the most amazing ones. It is a combination of three pieces of wood-turning tools. It includes a mid-finisher, rougher, and a detailer. This set is ideal for all skill levels of woodworking enthusiasts or DIY. There are no complicated angles to learn or remember. The ease of use is one of the most top qualities.

Also, the length of the toolbar is 5.91″(150mm) and the length of the wood handle is 9.84″ (250mm) with an overall length of 15.75″(400mm). Similarly, the set includes an indexable replacement carbide insert design matched with Carbide Cutter (Square15×15 × 2.5mm-R50-30°,Round 12 × 2.5mm-30°,Diamond 10×28mm with Radius Point). The handles are quite comfortable and durable. They are easy to hold.

With the finisher, rougher, and detailer, one can effortlessly hog away massive amounts of material. Once the carbide gets dull, just move the edge and you will be back to the task. They are very sharp and do the job very well. Hence, replacement tips are always available. This, shortly, is the best tool for you.

  • Replacement tips available
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Comfortable handles
  • Sturdy and well-built
  • The users have zero complaints from this set

5. Simple Woodturning Tool COMBO

Simple Woodturning Tool reviews

Here is another incredible carbide turning tool on the list. The set is ideal for all sorts of turning. You can just get started as soon as you receive the set. So, it is a simple-to-use set for all skill levels. Therefore, the turning gets more enjoyable.

As a result, you don’t need to learn techniques beforehand. Likewise, it doesn’t demand to sharpen. It features a sharp, rotatable carbide cutter. You only need to rotate the cutter head ¼ turn for a clean and sharp edge.

As far as handles are concerned, they are extremely aesthetic. The handles are CNC machined from solid aircraft aluminum ensuring 100% durability and longevity. Similarly, it is beautifully powder coated to a brilliant finish which further increases its longevity.

Plus, you can use the mid-size simple turner and hollower for turning small bowls, handles, and bottle stoppers, etc. similarly, the mid-size Simple Rougher carbide tool makes roughing much simpler & less physical as most of the shock created by interrupted cuts is absorbed in the tool rest instead of your hands & arms. Finally, the mid-size Simple 55 Detailer carbide tool is perfect for cutting small details. You can also use it as a parting tool.

Overall, it is a fantastic set that is totally worth the value. They are sharp and easy to use. All in all, I would recommend it to anyone who wants professional carbide-turning tools.

  • Long-lasting and sharp tips
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable handle
  • Quality set
  • Ideal for all skill levels
  • The inclusion of extra tips and screws would have been nice

Frequently Asked Questions ( Cheap Carbide Turning Tools )

Well, there are some general questions regarding carbide turning tools that you may need an answer to; lets us have a look at the answers in this section;

What woodturning tools should a beginner use?

Well, as a beginner one should use the following tools; a 3/4″ roughing gouge, a 3/4″ and a 1/4″ spindle (ladyfinger) gouge, a 1/2″ and a 3/4″ skew, and a 3/16″parting tool. A 1-1/4″ roughing gouge, a 1/2″ spindle gouge, and a 1/4″ skew.

How long do Carbide lathe tools last?

You can do much of the turning with a single carbide tool for a period of 4-6 months easily. However, there are rotatable carbide tips also. You can simply rotate the tips and get back to the turning job.

Can you cut metal on a wood lathe?

The wood lathe is not basically designed for this purpose. However, you can still manage to turn metal on a wood lather. On the other hand, you can simply turn items like brass, aluminum, or steel on a wood lathe.

How to Sharpen Woodturning Tools?

Well, you can rely on a bench grinder for sharpening woodturning tools. if you are a beginner, a slow-speed bench grinder (1725 RPM) or a variable speed bench grinder can be used for doing so. If you try a high-speed bench grinder, chances are there that you burn the tools.


In this article, we have listed some of the really amazing and cheap carbide turning tools for aspiring and dedicated woodturners. Thus, you can experiment with these tools. It is now possible to create beautiful, bowls, vases, and other items.

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