Best Circular Saw For Woodworking & Beginners

best circular saw for woodworking

As a woodworker and DIYer, you would frequently depend on the perfect set of circular saws. Most of the time, the best circular saw is the top priority of every professional.

Best Circular saws for cutting wood are available from several manufacturers. They are great for creating cuts with precision and accuracy. You do not have to think twice while purchasing the best circular saw.

The listed circular saws are, without a doubt, the best-performing saws. We, therefore, did thorough research and ended up with some of the best circular saws you can purchase. As a result, you do not need to think about and evaluate a job.

Best Circular Saw

1. DEWALT Circular Saw

DEWALT Circular Saw review

DEWALT 7 ¼ inch circular saw is the best saw that allows you to work with precision. It is famous for its brushless technology and lithium-ion battery. The brushless motor provides 5500RPM speed under load. Moreover, it features a 7-1/4-inch blade with a 2-9/16-inch cutting capacity at 90 degrees.

The quality is exceptional, and the brake stops instantly when the trigger is released. In addition, it has the highest rotational speed, and the LED light illuminates the cut line exceedingly well. Most importantly, it is lightweight and easy to use.

You would find it excellent for cutting, and the cordless circular saw provides 330 crosscuts in 2×4(pine). It has depth adjustability with a measurement gauge and a 45-degree angle. All in all, it is a reliable saw and is well worth the price.

  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and high-quality
  • LED light helps maintain the focus in the dark
  • 5500 RPM for precise cutting
  • The bare tool doesn’t come with a rip fence.

2. Makita Circular Saw

Makita Circular Saw review

The Makita 5007 is a great saw with tons of incredible features. The unit supports the highest 5800 RPM for proven performance and job site durability. Moreover, it contains a powerful 15.0 AMP motor for increased performance. The magnesium components make it a lightweight saw. It hardly weighs 10.6 pounds. So, one can work with it since it is a well-balanced saw due to its weight.

I admire its large cutting capacity (2 to 1/2 inches at 90 degrees) and bevel capacity (0 to 56 degrees) with positive stops at 22.5 degrees and 45 degrees. Moreover, it features two built-in LED lights illuminating the cut line for increased accuracy. One can easily focus even in dim light.

Other than that, the tool comes with a built-in dust blower. So, this is an option as it provides extreme dust control. The saw cuts smoothly, is of the highest quality, and is easy to use.

  • A great unit that cuts well
  • A built-in dust blower
  • Built LED light permits working in the dark
  • Lightweight and well-balanced
  • 5800 RPM
  • None as such

3. Makita Plunge Circular Saw

Makita Plunge Circular Saw review

If you want precise cutting, then Makita SP6000J is the option. It provides smooth and straight cuts. It is perfect for use on the Jobsite or even in the shop. The unit features a powerful 12.0 AMP motor for optimum performance and cuts through various materials. 

The accurate cutting delivers a splinter-free mirror finish. Moreover, it is much more flexible due to its variable speed control dial. It supports RPM ranges between 2,000 to 5,200. Therefore, it enables users to match the speed to the application. Similarly, the dust collection is pretty cool.

Above all, it contains a built-in current limiter that helps prevent motor burnout. Plus, you would love its large cutting capacity (2-3/16 inches at 90° and 1-9/16 inches at 45°). You can use it to cut sheet material, finish, trim, and remodel. It is ideal for many trades, including cabinets, manufacturers, finish carpenters, stair installers, flooring installers, etc.

  • Durable and ideal for precise cuts
  • Supports RPM between 2,000 to 5,200
  • Ideal for various sorts of cuttings
  • 12-amp motor supports smooth cutting
  • A bit on the expensive side.

4. SKILSAW Circular Saw

SKILSAW Circular Saw review

SKILSAW SPT70WM-01 is an ideal unit that makes cutting much faster. Plus, it has a 15-amp dual-field motor with relentless power and durability. The saw’s precise cutting ability and magnesium components mean legendary durability.

In addition, you can use this saw to cut through sheets, frame metals, and handle thick timbers. The powerful motor provides a cutting speed of 4,600 RPM and cuts perfectly. It is longer than the life saw for cutting 4x cleanly and efficiently in one pass.

Other than that, the anti-snag lower guard provides smooth operation for small cut-off pieces. Its 51-degree angle adjusts users to complete a wider variety of cuts. The saw is ideal for optimal performance through a variety of materials.

  • 15 amp dual-field motor
  • 4600 RPM for optimal performance
  • Cuts with precision
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Heavy and bulky, but cuts perfectly well

5. Rockwell Circular Saw

Rockwell Circular Saw review

Rockwell Versacut is a versatile saw with a streamlined design and perfect quality. It contains a powerful 4-amp motor that makes it very easy to cut a wide variety of materials such as tiles, wood, sheet metal, plastics, flooring, and many more. This multi-functional saw has an ergonomic design with a slim grip handle. That improves comfort and enhances grip, and is easy to control. 

You would love this ultra-compact circular saw. Plus, it has a built-in laser guide that helps you align the perfect cut. A dust extraction adaptor maintains the cut line clean of dust, improving vision even further when cutting. 

Moreover, the pivoting metal guard accommodates safe and easy plunge cuts. It exceptionally comes with three blades, i.e., Cut wood with a 24T carbide-tipped blade, aluminum, PVC with a 44T HSS blade, and ceramic tile and cement board with a diamond blade. All in all, this is an ideal saw for all sorts of cutting. 

  • Ideal for lightweight projects
  • Inclusion of three blades
  • Versatile and durable
  • Easy to
  • control and ergonomic design
  • Not recommended for heavy-duty projects

Best Circular Saw For Woodturning or Roofing | Guide

1. Power and Speed

The amps are there to mention the power of the circular saws. There are a wide variety of circular saws with different amp. Therefore, if you want a saw to perform DIY tasks only, you can rely on a 15-amp motor. You can opt for a more powerful version with more amps for heavy-duty projects. You need to check the RPM (rotations per minute), also.

Thus, check all the specifications while buying your best circular saw. Choose one with adequate torque to cut through the materials you will be creating cuts. So, if you want the work to be done quicker, check the saw for speed. The higher the saw spins its blades, the faster it cuts through the material.

2. Blade Size

Another factor to consider is the size of the blade. Circular saws typically have blades that are 71/4 inches in diameter. It is the perfect size for DIYers. However, if you want to use it for more demanding jobs, you should choose a saw with a blade size of around 8-1/4 inches. As a result, different sizes are available, each better suited to specific activities.

3. Adjustment

Most importantly, look for circular saws that allow many adjustments. If you want to create cuts at various angles, go for a unit with bevel adjustment. Such saws are ideal for creating shallow or deep cuts per the requirements. The best circular saws allow bevel adjustments and make your task much easy. 

4. Safety Features

The circular saw with safety features makes it easier to use the tool. Working with the saw becomes considerably safer. Look for a model with a brake stop, preventing the blade from spinning once the trigger is released. As a consequence, both the workpiece and the power cable remain safe. Similarly, some units will have a guarded trigger. It allows users to engage the trigger by holding down a safety button.

5. Other Considerations

Other things that you need to consider are some added features that make work easier. Circular saws with (infrared laser, LED light, and an integrated dust blower) make the job 2x easier. You get precise and accurate cuts in no time. Therefore, every DIYer and professional prefers these traits in a circular saw.


So now you know everything there is to know about choosing the best circular saw. With all of the extra features, it makes your job simpler. Power and speed are, without a doubt, the top priorities of any DIYer and expert.

Furthermore, the above-mentioned circular saws are excellent in terms of endurance and lifespan. All of the items are definitely worth the money. After purchasing the best circular saw from the list, you will not be disappointed.

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