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Best Woodturning Hollowing System Reviewed 2021

The best woodturning hollowing system provides enough opportunity to work on many hollowing projects. The hollowing project would be much easier if you get the best woodturning hollowing system for your project.

Simple Hollowing System – Accepts All Tools

best woodturning hollowing system

The simple hollowing system is a lightweight and nicely constructed tool best for turning activities. It is ideal for any lathe from 10 inches to 16 inches of medium-sized length. It simply is the best hollowing system as it stabilizes and guides woodturning while hollowing. Moreover, finishing has become much easier with this simple hollowing system.

However, you would be happy with its performance as it works with full stability. The silky-smooth motion and precise control allow you to freely focus on creativity. There would not be any vibrations or catches while hollowing.

Well, some hollowing systems work fine on your lathe. People use several articulating arm hollowing systems, Kobra hollowing system, ELBO hollowing system, and hope hollowing system, etc. Though these hollowing systems are sturdier SHS hollowing system is comparatively cheaper and works well if you are working on a small lathe.

So, if you are intending to work on a smaller lather, then a simple hollowing system may be a great choice to get started with;

What Does The Laser do?

Well, the laser attachment on SHS works superbly perfectly. Whereas, the attachment rods provide enough support for the laser. So, the laser helps you to precise wall thickness all the time. Just when you start hollowing, the laser points to the mid of the vessel. However, the lesser light falls off the vessel once the desired thickness is acquired. As the laser is not battery-powered, one needs to plug it into power.


Let’s now talk about the following system’s construction. You might be thinking about how and where it is made. So, the whole simple hollowing system is made in the land of 10,000 lakes, Minnesota by Harrison Specialties. Every component of the system is machined precisely on an American-made Haas CNC milling machine. The fit and finish on the tools are perfect.

This is in short the best deal for the money. You could not have any better hollowing system than this. It is a very solid product with amazing packaging and a sharp tool. Any woodturner who is involved in hollowing bowls or vessels can rely on this simple hollowing system.

What Does The Package offer?

The overall package is a great deal for the price you pay. However, let’s be exact and accurate about the number of tools available in the package. The system includes an articulating arm, the mounting base, the laser assembly, and the 12″ long stainless steel Simple Shear Cutting Finisher carbide lathe tool.

However, the simple sheer cutting finisher has a 5/8” shank turned down to ½ inches. The system in short makes the blind cutting a lot quicker. This simple hollowing system is thus a great option for all the woodturners. The hollowing could be much easier and quick with this simple hollowing system.

Which are The Tools Compatible With The SHS?

  • Any tool with a 1/2″ round handle tang.
  • Tools having a 3/8 round handle tang with the addition of SHS 1/2” to 3/8” bushing.
  • Tools having a 5/8″ round handle tang if you replace the standard ½ inches tool holder with the optional 5/8″ tool holder
  • Shortly, the system is great and takes only a couple of minutes to get everything sorted. This is a nice hollowing system with the best fit and finish.


Shortly, the simple hollowing system is the best for making hollowing tasks simple and easy. Likewise, the setup is also very quick and easy. It removes all the stresses and makes hollowing fun and interesting for any woodturner.

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  1. i’m making a mug that is from a baseball bat. I need a to cut 2″ by 7,25″ out of the center. the blank is 2.75″ by 12″. I have a nova comet II lathe that is 16.5 ” long . would your system work with this tight of a length?

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