5 Best Router Lifts For Woodworking in 2022

Best Router Lift

The best router lift is essential to grow your expertise and get precise work. The woodworkers already know the importance of getting the right router lift. The suitable router lifts allow you to take perfect elevation measurements. The router lift provides you with height adjustments.

The best router lift allows one to get and sustain precise results. So, you must invest in ones that are compatible with your router. The router lifts thus make your job easier and more enjoyable.

Best Router Lifts For The Money

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1. KREG Precision Router Lift

KREG Router Lift reviews

Elevate your routing capabilities with a KREG PRS5000 precision router lift. You no longer have to struggle with trying to rotate the overall router body to achieve your required router bit height.

The design allows it to fit various routers; this precision router lift is a treat. You don’t need to drill any new holes or buy or attach new fittings. The best thing is it fits all KREG router tables and almost 20 plus other competitive brands.z

The KREG router lift has an easy setup, is sturdy, and works very well. Along with this, it features a hard-anodized aluminum plate that won’t sag and also resists scratches. Not to mention, it is well worth every single penny.

Additionally, above-table collet access allows fast, easy, above-table bit changes. Likewise, it will enable above-the-table setup changes for table-mounted routers. The mounting table has a plate measuring 3⁄8 x 91⁄4 x 113⁄4 inches. Its bearing-guided carriage provides smooth operation.

  • Easy to set up and assemble
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Fits all router table and other top brands
  • The router lift can’t be leveled from the top

2. JessEm Router Lift

JessEm Router Lift reviews

The JessEm routers lift with five specific arrangements allows flexible bits height adjustment. This whole thing has a sturdy construction, so it easily withstands heavy-duty routing. Weighing only 8.8 pounds, this is quite handy, and you can easily carry it to your workplace.

As far as computability is concerned, it goes well with Porter-cable, Bosch, Dewalt, or any 3.5-inch Motor Diameter. Working well with multiple router tables, this is worth it.

Designed for easy installation and setup, this is worth the purchase. Moreover, it uses double-sealed bearings for smooth operation. Besides that, it includes a built-in locking mechanism that prevents the project from vibrating. Nothing could be better than this one as it is both affordable and sturdy.

That is great for accommodating a wide range of fixed routers featuring pre-drilled holes. Shorty, it is a great product that works excellently well.

  • Affordable and sturdy
  • Ideal for heavy-duty routing
  • Pre-drilled holes on the insert plates
  • Lightweight
  • Only compatible with a limited number of models

3. Bosch Under Table Router

A tremendous and compatible router table is a better replacement for those costly router table lifts. The Bosch RA116 is the new base for the 1617/1618 series routers, replacing the RA1164.

That conveniently allows depth adjustment of bit height from above the table. The router base has been designed specifically for 1617, 1617EVS, 1617EVSPK, 1618, and 1618EVS routers.

Additionally, the base features threaded holes in Bosch’s 4-hole sub-base pattern and a typical 3-hole sub-base pattern for mounting. Likewise, the wide 3-3/4 base opening allows for the use of more significant bits.

Similarly, it features a quick clamp system that allows the motor to move quickly for tool-free base changes. Thus, this is a great router table, and the mechanism works well.

  • Great router lift on a budget
  • Sturdy and well-constructed
  • Compatible with many router tables
  • Some users complain that there is not much height adjustment for the bit in general

4. JessEm Router Lift

Router Lift review

The JessEm router lift fits almost all of the fixed base routers available today. It allows the users to adjust the router bit perfectly within no time. Moreover, the quality of this router lift is just mind-blowing. The parts are machined to withstand high tolerances and other heavier applications.

The finish, on the other hand, primarily hard anodized, is just another plus point. Everything is there in the instructions, and thus one can easily adjust the JessEm router lift. It also features a quick gear dial that allows adjustments from above the table.

Moreover, the machine comes with a double-sealed arrangement of ball bearing to allow smoother functioning. The exclusive cam locking system is another plus point. It helps in holding the router lift in position and stable. The ride is easy to set up and use. Overall, this is exactly worth the price.

Thus, it is a precisely machined product. The product comes with excellent equipment, and everything works very nicely. Likewise, the lift got enough travel to raise the router bit lock knob clear above the plate, which makes changing bits very quick and easy.

  • Quick gear dial that allows making adjustments from above the table
  • Easy lock mechanism
  • Convenient and sturdy
  • Machined aluminum to resist sagging
  • Compatible with the majority of router tables
  • Uneven surface

5. Incra For Rockler Table

Incra For Rockler Table reviews

Allowing one to adjust the height of the router bit without reaching below the table is a masterpiece. You don’t have to struggle with removing the router plate. All you need to do is slip in the lift crank and wind it up or down.

This product allows you to make micro-adjustments without using the dial indicator. One can thus make even the most precise height adjustments of 0.001 inches from above.

The lift features an exclusive INCRA Magna LOCK that reduces the ring system for quick changes and perfect ring fit. Moreover, its metal plate features more mounting holes than competitors.

All in all, the Exclusive ball bearing mechanism allows super-smooth action and low friction. Shortly, you will find it Ultra-responsive, and the direct drive 16TPI lift screw mechanism is another plus.

You would find it compatible with some KREG models and all INCRA router tables. That is easy to set up and use. Not to mention, it is sturdy and durable. Hence, it is a great tool and is worth the price.

  • INCRA MagnaLOCK reduces the ring system and allows quick ring changes
  • The lift screw mechanism
  • Compatible with all INCRA router tables and a few KREG models
  • Sturdy and durable
  • A bit on the expensive side
  • Limited router compatibility
  • With KREG models, you need to purchase other items separately

A Comprehensive Buyer Guide

Getting the best router table lift would be an exciting task for woodworkers. It is easy and quick for those with experience purchasing this item. On the contrary, newbies need to put a lot of work in to get the world-class and the best router table lift.

So, there are many features in a router table lift that you need to consider while making a purchase. After reading the reviews, you might already have gotten the idea, but here in this section, we will discuss those features in detail again.

Hopefully, this buying guide will help you in the way intended. We directed our energy and effort in making this buyer’s guide to help you master making the best purchase and decision;

1. Compatibility

When purchasing a router table lift, you need to keep this computability feature in mind. The lift should be compatible with your router. Buying something that doesn’t fit the system would be a total waste of time and money.

Considering the compatibility factor of the lift, you would save a lot of time and energy. That is how; you would get the perfect router lift, and that is what deliberate purchasing should be.

So, it would help if you reaffirm that the router lift you buy will fit the router. However, many router lifts are compatible with many models. It would help if you went for the one that is compatible with the router you currently own. The incompatible charge would only result in poor performance.

2. Construction

While getting your router lifted, it is necessary to check the product’s material. The materials of the lift are worth considering.

The standard quality router lifts are from aluminum, steel, or cast iron. They last longer and are pretty durable. So, you can’t doubt their longevity and stability. At the same time, lifts made of plastic and other items won’t last long. Investing in them is a waste of both time and money.

3. Ease of Use

It is necessary to consider the ease of use of the router lift. In my opinion, ease of use is a way to serve the users. There are a lot of models that allow leveling from above the table. That certainly makes the process smooth and flawless for the users.

In other cases, one must take the router lift off to change completely. That takes a lot of practice and effort to do it right. Thus, you don’t want to waste your time leveling and learning the leveling skills. That is why; you should invest in the router that comes with the easy setup.

Some router lifts are easier to install, while others demand a lot of hard work. So, you will decide how much time you want to spend setting up the entire lift and router.

4. Router Lift Locking Mechanism

Well, the router lift with a locking mechanism is worth the purchase. That allows you to keep the system stable while working. Moreover, when the lift is locked, you do your job with more versatility and perfection. So, invest in the router lift with a lever locking mechanism or a bolt system.

5. Height Adjustments

You invest in a router table lift to make fine height adjustments. That is mainly done in two ways, i.e., with a crank handle or a thumbwheel. So, consider buying one that is more practical and easier for you. Thinking about how the lift changes the height while purchasing is essential.

Lifts that feature ball-bearing technology are preferably the best ones. The ball-bearing technology allows smooth height adjustments. The lifts providing gradual height adjustments would make it easier for you to get the perfect cut all the time. After all, height adjustment is all you require.

6. Lift Adapters

While investing in a router lift, another essential feature one needs to consider is the lift adapter. The perfect adapters and insert holes make it easier for you to accommodate the router.

So, the router lift that doesn’t ask for drilling new holes could be a better option. Before making a purchase, you need to check your router’s dimensions and insert rings. That is how; you would save time from making hectic adjustments later.

7. Precision

Precision is all you expect out of a perfect router lift. The router lifts that are of high quality primarily prevent vibrations and allow one to a smoother cut. Make sure to get the quality model to get better results. All in all, we want a perfect cutting experience and router lift with perfect adjustments.

Best Router Lifts FAQ

How do I lift my router?

There are many ways to lift your router. You can do it by using a stand but the most practical and standard way to get precise angles and cuts is by using the best router lift.

What is a router table lift?

It is a mounting plate that has a carriage for holding your router. That is there to adjust the height of the router and other angles.


After reading these thorough reviews about the best router lift, you are now finally in a position to make the most appropriate purchase. The purchasing process is complex, and we all face situations that require us to make a choice. The immediate solution is more knowledge and research about the product.

We tried to help you with our comprehensive reviews of the best router lifts and the buyer guide. That is why; we listed some of the top-notch and most quality brands of router table lifts.

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