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Best CNC Routers For Woodworking in 2022

Best CNC Routers For Woodworking

CNC routers are heavy machines you can use for cutting metals and woods etc. the Best CNC Routers enable you to work with wood, plastics, and other metals for producing carvings, decorations, signboards, furniture, etc.

Thus, anybody who is involved in woodworking jobs/hobbyist can begin their task using the best CNC router. We want you to have full information about this great toolmaker. Therefore, we have listed all the top-rated machines to make your selection easy.

Both professionals and beginners can find their best tools from this list. There are affordable CNC routers, mid-range, and professional CNC routers. All of the listed machines come with distinctive features of their own. You are going to find your best CNC router here.

Best CNC Wood Router Machines

1. BobsCNC Evolution 4 CNC Router

Evolution 4 CNC Router

The BobsCNC E4 is an amazing router that provides twice the cutting area at just half the price. It has an excellent design, is rigid, and is flawless. You can begin your projects with this wonderful unit. This is made up of a rigid plywood frame with gives 0.002”-0.004” repeatability.

This distinctive unit is equipped with an SG20U rail system with a maximum cutting area of 610mm x 610mm x 85mm cutting area. Additionally, the unit is powered by Nema 17 stepper motor and is made of a rigid laser cut frame.

Its powerful machine supports all kinds of hard plastic or light wood. Weighing only 58 pounds, the unit is lightweight yet sturdy. It is a little nice machine you can use for wood carving. Moreover, the usage is simple and easy. As far as the assembly is concerned, it might be time-consuming but thanks to manual instructions make it completely easy.

All in all, it is a great CNC machine that works very well. It is quite the same as E3 other than E4 supports a larger working area. This is a great machine for DIY CNC projects and others.

  • Easy to assembly to use
  • Rigid machine with excellent design
  • Consistent connections of screw to a motor
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Performs well and is ideal for hobbyists and DIY projects
  • Smooth X and Y spatial movements
  • Y-axis cut length is only 23.95”, if I run full 24” it will error and requires a reset.

2. Genmitsu CNC Router Machine

Genmitsu CNC Router review

The SainSmart Genmitsu 3018-PROVer will make a fine addition to your maker space. It comes with all the must-have features to get started with. The CNC machine is not only efficient but also comes at a very reasonable price.

Other than that, it is made of an all-aluminum body with an oxide blue look giving an overall premium look to the machine. Plus, it comes pre-assembled and saves you a lot of assembly time. This unit runs on GRBL v1.1 software. So, you must know this software to run this CNC router.

To enable you to safely monitor the engraving process, the sides of this unit are lined with acrylic baffles. This is how the dust is not spread in the working area. Besides, this machine comes with an offline controller with a 1.8” TFT LCD.

As a result, you can control the CNC router without computer connectivity. Thanks to its added optocouplers that protect the mainboard from hard stops. It also eliminates signal noise for more consistent projects and longevity.

On the top, you have got an emergency stop control in case the projects get out of hand. It is visible and easy to access for an immediate shutdown of your machine.

  • Ideal to deal a wide range of materials
  • Runs on a high-quality, open-source software
  • Pre-assembled parts
  • Offline controllers
  • Easy to use and assemble
  • A complete beginner-model

3. Pro CNC Router Kit

Pro CNC Router Kit

This unit is ideal for beginners and someone who has never worked with a CNC router, this is a good start for them. It comes with all the essential features to make it an outstanding unit. The New Control Board, Integrated Driver Chip, Fixed Heat Sink, External Fan, and sturdy casing make it a durable unit.

These features give extended life to the control board. Likewise, this unit becomes completely safe to use and long-lasting. Any beginner can make a start with this unit. You can also control it without any computer connectivity.

Likewise, it contains an SD card reader to write into the root directory G-code files or NC files. It also supports Manually adjusting X, Y, and Z-axis locations as an engraving starting point, and manually opening or close spindle.

Also, you would find it compatible with all sorts of carved wood, plastic, acrylic, PCB CCL, soft metal such as copper and aluminum, etc. make sure not to use it to carve hard metal, jade, etc. it comes with easy instructions and software. You can assemble it easily and get started. Shortly, it is a great value for hobbyists.

  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Good fit
  • Manual control panel allowed for a quick x-y-z test
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Stable and rigid
  • Plenty of metal shavings on brackets – needs cleanup, and blow off to make sure no jamming or shorting issues.

4. MY SWEETY CNC Engraver

MY SWEETY CNC 3018pro CNC is an excellent unit with all the quality features. It is a small machine that is an ideal one for beginners and DIYers. The 160mm X 100mm work tables allow you to work easily and conveniently.

Its spindle moves along a length of 45mm. thus, it becomes very easy to craft designs professionally well. It is compatible with various operating systems like Windows 10 or Linux, unlike other CNC machines.

Likewise, you can use this to cut all kinds of materials including soft metal, aluminum, copper, etc. thus, with this unit you can create excellent and smooth cuts on any surface.

Above all, it contains an all-aluminum body that makes it extremely stable and rigid. Durability and longevity of the unit for sure are some other qualities. All in all, it is a great unit and is worth the purchase.

  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Comes at a very affordable price
  • Smooth functioning and cut
  • Durable and stable
  • Made of high-quality aluminum
  • You can also use it offline
  • Unfortunately, this unit is not compatible with Mac devices
  • Lack of its own software but it works on open-source software. So, it is not a major issue as such

5. Mostics CNC Machine

Mostics CNC Machine

Here comes the most affordable unit for your home, it is a small machine that serves the carving purpose. The unit comes with pre-assembled parts. So, you don’t invest much time to assemble this unit. It may hardly take you 20 minutes to do so.

Being made of aluminum, this unit comes with complete strength, stability, and durability. The spindle can move along an axis of 45mm depth-wise, as a result, you can easily craft beautiful designs. Besides, the unit overs 300mm x 180 mm cutting area.

Along with that, the router uses a 775 spindle that can run at a speed of 10,000 rpm at 24V and needs a 12 t0 36 V supply to function. Besides, it contains offline controllers, a 5.5 W laser, and 4 clamps to fix your workpiece.

Likewise, the unit offers 10 pieces of bits to last you a long time along with an engraving machine. All in all, it is an ideal unit and you can cut through any soft material. It is also able to cut soft metals like aluminum and copper.

  • A complete unit with full versatility
  • Variable speed control dial
  • Made of aluminum, stable, and durable
  • Provides accurate cuts with precision
  • The router might get overheated at times


In the list above, we have mentioned some of the best-quality CNC routers. They are from various famous brands. So, you can begin your purchase journey here and end up with the best CNC router Machine.

There are tools both for beginners, hobbyists, and professionals, just get started. These incredible tools allow you to perform your wood carving tasks with perfection and professionalism.

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