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Portable Handheld Stump Grinder – Top Four Reviewed 2021

handheld stump grinder

The Partable handheld stump grinders are designed to remove all the tree stumps to make your yard presentable and clean. However, there are many handheld stump grinders available on the market today.

In this article, we have some of the best handheld stump grinders that you can own. They can provide the best results once you properly set them up. Whenever you think of using them, you need to inspect the machine fully. Once, you start working with these mentioned handheld stump grinders, there is no going back. You would simply love them.

Top Rated Handheld Stump Grinders

1. DK2 Power Gas Powered Stump Grinder

The DK2 power gas stump grinder is an exceptional performer on our list. This is quite better than any other traditional stump grinder available on the market today. It is equipped with a powerful a healer 14HP CH440 engine and a dual direct V-belt that provides a smooth cutting that spins 3600 per minute. Similarly, the v-belt system provides it enough torque.

For precise cutting performance, the DK2 stump grinder features a direct belt driving system. That is how one can prevent clutch slippage. Moreover, the performance of the machine is improved. It easily provides a 100% cutting performance from the 12 inches 50-pound cutting head.

So, anyone who needs a heavy-duty machine which is the smallest stump grinder should go for this. This handheld stump grinder comes with all safety equipment like safety keys, ear protection, safety glasses, work gloves, tools, and an oil bottle. Other features include tri-cut, dual bolted teeth, a removable extended 1.875 ball tow bar, and a multi-position adjustable bow handle.

As far as its transportation is concerned, it is well constructed with dual locking hitch pins. It is for aiding trouble-free wheel breaks and easier transportation over rough terrain. Shortly, it is the best handheld stump grinder that grinds the stumps down efficiently and quickly.

  • Strong engine with good welds
  • Heavy-duty machine which is quite well-constructed
  • Direct belt driving system
  • Inclusion of safety tools
  • Smooth cutting
  • Lack of clutch for safety

2. Powerking Stump Grinder

Powerking Stump Grinder review

The Powerking stump grinder is an aggressive and sturdy stump grinder for use. This one comes with all the exceptional features to get rid of stumps from the yards. Equipped with a strong engine, this 14HP Kohler CH440 Engine is ideal for the task.

It features nine carbide tip grinding teeth that make cutting exceptionally fast. Similarly, to make the operation even smoother and easier, one can use its adjustable bow handle. The welded dual lift handles are another plus point.

Additionally, it features a dual V-belt that provides the power a grinding wheel requires. Likewise, the large wheel could be of help in transporting the machine over rocky terrain. Other than these, the package includes an extra set of teeth, a tow bar, a palm button, and a ripcord safety shut off.

Shortly, it is a heavy-duty machine that is built to last. It is durable and easy to operate.it just starts with one pull every single time. Thus, one can enjoy getting rid of stumps in no time.

  • A quick start and easy to move
  • Small and easily stored
  • 9 carbide tips for cutting
  • An adjustable bow handle
  • Great safety shut off features
  • Underpowered brake pad
  • Thin electric wires

3. Small Portable Walk-behind Stump Grinder

Walk behind Stump Grinder review

This is a powerful 15HP 420cc Gas-powered engine that produces maximum output. This handheld/portable stump grinder is actually equipped with all the advanced features. It easily cuts stumps 30.35 inches tall and 9 inches below the ground.

There is a large pipe bow handle that provides additional comfort and control over the grinder. Moreover, the machine comes with a recoil starting system and an upgraded braking system. Other than this, it features a 2 inches cutting wheel with 9 teeth.

This provides an extremely smooth cutting and weighing only 220 pounds, this is a good choice grinder. The overall dimension measures 42W x 51D x 72H inches. Moreover, the tire size is 13 inches and the cutting wheels are 3.55 inches thick which is quite adequate for smooth operation and durability. All in all, it runs great and starts easily.

  • Powerful and sturdy
  • Starts easy
  • Recoil starting system
  • Ideal for cutting stumps
  • A bit overpriced for the benefit

4. Bluebird Mini Stump Grinder

Bluebird Stump Grinder review

If you want to remove stumps continuously without much effort, then this brand is for you. It comes with all the qualities to remove stumps quickly and safely. Featured with all the new cutting system utilizing M1 technology, this is the best-handled stump grinder available on the market today.

Featuring a reliable Honda engine, this is intended to perform optimal performance. The motor works quite well and provides the required power to get the stump removal job done. With the variable cutting depth up to 12 inches, this cuts deeper than the other stump grinders of its range.

The NORAM automatic centrifugal clutch is another added feature. It provides a manageable working pace. That is how; one can work perfectly well and finely get rid of the unwanted stumps.

Lastly, it comes with an ergonomic handle design. The handle design is best for body posture and comfortable dealing with the grinder. Similarly, you can adjust the handle up to four various settings. You longer have to strain your back while working with the stump grinder.

  • Inclusion of reliable Honda engine
  • Stumps quickly
  • Provides deep cuts
  • NORAM automatic centrifugal clutch
  • A bit heavy

Pre-operation Checklist (Handheld Stump Grinder)

Before you start operating the handheld stump grinder, please take care of the following mentioned points:

  1. Make sure that all guards are in tight and stable
  2. The operator presence bar switch should be moving freely
  3. Do check the tires and rims for looseness, damage, or tire inflation
  4. There should be any missing parts in the machine. Likewise, the condition of the machine should be proper and good.
  5. Check if there is adequate fuel for the work
  6. Using a dipstick, one can check the oil leveling
  7. Make sure you check the fuel system as well. There shouldn’t be any leaks before you start the machine
  8. See if the work area is clean and free of stones or any other metal objects that could get in the way of the grinder. Otherwise, remove all the stones near the tree stump.

Safety Measures for Handheld Stump Grinder:

The one who operates the stump grinder is always prone to some sort of risk. There could be many potential serious personal injury if one ignores the guide instructions; so, only competent persons are advised to use it. Those who already have read the instructions and have fully understood them can use the grinder. However, generally, the following are some of the basic safety guidelines which operators should follow;

  1. Don’t use the equipment if you are not feeling well. Moreover, anybody under the influence of the drug should not be using it.
  2. The operator should wear protective clothes, gloves, and other necessary items for protection.
  3. Safety goggles must be worn while working
  4. Just because the machine provides high noise this could be dangerous for your hearing. Make sure you wear ear defenders while working. Similarly, anybody near should be wearing ear defenders too.
  5. Don’t wear loose clothing, likewise, any sort of unnecessary jewelry should be avoided. There are possible chances of them getting in the moving parts.

How to properly take care of Handheld Stump Grinder?

  1. Don’t expect the machine to perform anything beyond its design limits. Make sure you have purchased the right grinder that provides intended ease and speed. Otherwise, you may contact the customer support or replace your stump grinder.
  2. To keep the machine working, do use lead-free petrol. Always check the fuel level and top up as required.
  3. However, you also need to check the engine oil level daily.
  4. For proper maintenance, keep it clean as always. If you clean it regularly, it would be easier for you.
  5. Lastly, just in case you are not using it. Ensure its proper storage. Always keep the grinder in a dry, clean, and secure place.

Best Handheld Mini Stump Grinder Buyer’s Guide:

It never was an easy task to choose the best handheld stump grinder for the price. However, there are many important points which one needs to consider. Handheld stump grinders, also known as walk-behind or small/mini or portable stump grinders are ideally used for getting rid of stumps in small backyards and other smaller jobs. Luckily, they are available in all ranges with varying features. Here, we will discuss some of the basic points that you need to consider before buying a portable, mini, or handheld stump grinder.

1. Work Type

Well, there are a lot of handheld stump grinders featuring various powered engine. It depends on you now as to what sort of work are performing. If you are expecting to perform heavy-duty jobs, then go for the powerful heavy-power engine machines.

On the contrary, if you think of cleaning a small backyard. There are grinders with engine size that deal with smaller jobs. That is why; we listed some of the best handheld and portable stump grinders for your ease.

2. Added Features

While working with stump grinders, don’t forget the potential risks associated with it. Most of the time, such machines can cause severe injuries to the operator. That is why one needs to be fully aware of the safety features and read the guidelines properly. While buying one for you, ensure that the machine comes with all safety guards. Likewise, there should not be any sort of missing parts and imperfections in the grinder.

3. Performance and Engine

As far as efficiency and performance of the grinder is concerned, the engine plays the most vital role. You need to pay attention to the engine capacity of the machine. Basically, a powerful engine means getting the job perfectly well. So, you need to consider this as an important feature because it will definitely affect the performance.

4. Cutting Capacity

Another important feature of a cutting grinder is its cutting capacity. You should consider the cutting range the handheld/mini stump grinder provides. Your grinder should be capable of grinding both above and below the ground. Your ideally judge a grinder’s cutting range on the basis of these two criteria:

  1. The maximum height cutting capacity. The standard height capacity is 12 inches above the ground.
  2. A second criterion is below the ground cutting capability. Mostly, a range of 9 inches for below the ground cutting capacity is considered maximum.

So, don’t ignore this important factor as it ensures maximum efficiency. Likewise, this enables you to get rid of all the below and above ground stumps. After all, we want to completely get rid of the stumps. So, we can’t afford to remove the part of the upper stump only.

5. Maintenance

The stump removal job is often associated with risk. Therefore, a proper and well-maintained grinder reduces the risk to a certain level. That is why; you need to keep in proper condition all the time. Likewise, don’t use low graded fuel which may impact the overall machine. So, proper maintenance is a must. Keep the lines clear, and replace the fluids regularly.

Clean the moving parts from all sorts of debris. Most importantly, when not in use, store the mini/portable stump grinder in a clean, dry, and safe place.


Get the best handheld stump grinder now to get rid of the unwanted trees and stumps. While reviewing what we know about the best handheld grinders, we are quite confident now that you are completely aware of which grinder to invest in.

All of the grinders are strategically designed to provide maximum performance and loaded with tons of useful features and cover maximum teeth to provide smooth cutting. Thus, invest in any of these grinders. You would get a grinder that can handle any size stump. The entire above mentioned handheld stump grinders are well worth the money.

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